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As a proud Indian and chef, I have a moral duty to give back what I got from my teachers through sharing my knowledge with my juniors, so that they don’t have to start from where I started rather than from where I reached. That will help my fellow chefs conquer greater heights for the benefit of Indian cuisine.

As far as I am concerned, Indian cuisine has much more to offer than is perceived internationally. I’d like to share a few good recipes from my mother and to show our chefs the way to plate Indian food in a fine dining style without altering original style.

I would love to prove a point that all budding chefs have their own individuality. Keep encouraging your own style, and write down your experiments so that one day you can also publish your own cookbook. I believe this book is one of my life’s purposes. I hope to bring a change in the way we cook and present Indian food. In order to start, I decided to focus on the flavourful Kerala cuisine, my home cuisine. Later, I intend to research other great Indian cuisines and reveal their potential to the world one by one.

We have a great cuisine with amazing regional variations. We do not have to copy other cuisines in order to achieve modernity. Our cooking methods are so strong and diverse when fully used for the benefit of each ingredient; Indian cuisine is the best in all standards in the modern kitchen.

I remember a question I was asked on my campus interview for a management trainee position in one of the prestigious hotel companies in India: “Why you want to specialize in Indian cuisine, and what do you want to do?”

The answer got me my first job: “I strongly believe Indian cuisine is the only cuisine you cannot get the original taste without experiencing the authentic dish, and cannot replicate by reading the recipe. The changes I want to bring to Indian cuisine are simple cooking methods, simple recipes, and positive eating habits.”

Through the book I’d like to influence my great Indian chefs in presenting dishes to an international platform where chefs in other countries should be inspired by our cuisine.

If I can inspire one of you to come up with a culinary manual of your own cooking style, then my objective is fulfilled

No other country in the world is categorized as independent ruling states through the languages people speak. Each state has its own customs and culinary heritage. As a first step, I’ll discuss with you my home state—Kerala.

Kerala cuisine is a hidden gem of Indian culinary heritage.

Kerala is a southern state of India and is advertised by state tourism as “God’s own country” for its natural beauty. When considering international recognition for Indian cuisine, Kerala has not yet received its deserved place.

As a chef I am proud to represent my homeland. In this book the basic recipes are preserved in their original forms from my mother, even when presented in a luxurious way.

This book is done more as a chef-learning diary than a normal cookbook; all the recipes are tested and tried in my home kitchen. Through the book, I would like to share more than Kerala and its cuisine. We will discuss food design, plating concepts, the restaurant business, and being a restaurant owner.

“Dear chefs: Have the dream to own your food business while working for some one ”

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